Lyre Miner


Lyre Miner is a powerful liquid mining rig designed to fit in the rack.
On the front face of the Lyre Miner unit is the touch screen operator interface for ease of operation and monitoring.

Lyre Miner can be placed or used anywhere, such us Home/Office/Datacenter/etc.

Bitcoin 335 TH/s
Litecoin 55 GH/s
Ethereum 14 GH/s
Dash 9 TH/s
Power Consumption 600W
Power Socket 110V-240V
Algorithm The unit can only mine one Coin at a time with the possibility to switch
Easy To Use The unit will be delivered to the customer already configured, the customer just plug in, enter the pool data and start mining.
PSU Included
Networking connection mode RJ45 Ethernet and Wireless
Noise 20 dB
CHIP 7nm ASIC BitHarp BoosterX
Dimensions 600mm x 435mm x 960mm
Weight 25 Kg ( 55 lbs )
Pumps setup Dual 48VDC pumps; tandem or standby operation
Nominal flow rate 54L/M (14.3 USgpm)
Cooling capacity 50kW with 10°C primary ; 45°C secondary
Warranty 1 Year