Harp Miner


Harp Miner is a main DLC (direct liquid cooling) mining rig that provides ultimate safety and High Hash Rate Power. Harp Miner has been designed specifically to be fault tolerant and to eliminate potential risks associated with liquid cooling. Harp Miner offers all the well-known benefits of liquid cooling without the cost, complexity and risk. The coolant is delivered to the ASIC and manifolds under negative pressure on both the supply and return so coolant cannot leak out; only air can leak into the system. Harp Miner can be placed or used anywhere, such us Home/Office/Datacenter/etc.

Bitcoin 2000 TH/s
Litecoin 300 GH/s
Ethereum 75 GH/s
Dash 50 TH/s
Power Consumption 2400W
Power Socket 110V-240V
Algorithm The unit can only mine one Coin with the possibility to switch
Easy To Use The unit will be delivered to the customer already configured, the customer just plug in, enter the pool data and start mining.
PSU Included
Noise 25 dB
CHIP 7nm ASIC BitHarp BoosterX
Dimensions 61x92x183 cm
Weight 120 kg (264 lbs)
Frame Details Constructed out of steel welded for maximum strength. The units come equipped with casters and leveling feet to allow ease of installation and stabilization.
Pumps and Piping The water temperature to the mining rig is maintained at a temperature above the dew point in the data center based on a temperature and humidity sensor included in the rig. The temperature in the fluid supply reservoir controlled by a PWM modulated HX pump. Units equipped with a water filtration system with 100 micron filters.
Controller The unit includes a microprocessor controller touch screen display mounted on the front of the unit for user interface. The unit automatically controls the flow through the rig, test the system for leaks, fill, drain and maintain coolant levels. The unit monitors the vacuum, pressure, temperature (pump and facility side), total dissolved solids (TDS), dew point, water levels, and coolant levels
Environmental Unit is designed to operate in ambient conditions
C (40-105o
F), 0-95%RH (non-condensing),
0-2000m (0-6000ft) elevation.
Operating Software Linux, BitHarp open source software
Warranty 3 Years